Blu-ray Releases 1/8/18: When Harry Met Sally, Castle Rock

A new restoration of When Harry Met Sally…, new movies Hell Fest and mid90s, the first seasons of Castle Rock and The Purge and a Nicolas Cage movie from the 90s all make their way to Blu-ray this week.


Hell Fest (4K + Blu-ray + Digital, Blu-ray + DVD + Digital)

This horror movie snuck into theaters in late September on the fourth weekend of The Nun’s release and two weeks before Halloween. With negative reviews and an unknown cast and filmmakers, Hell Fest ultimately got lost in the crowd. It opened to $5.1 million in sixth place while The Nun posted $5.4 million that weekend in fifth place. Hell Fest only lasted six weeks and topped out at $11.1 million domestically and currently has $6.4 million from overseas markets. The blessing of horror movies are the cheap budgets, and Hell Fest only cost $5.5 million for what it’s worth. The movie at least has the honor of being the biggest new movie on Blu-ray this week.

The one bonus feature, besides a trailer, is a 16-minute feature titled “Thrills and Kills: Making Hell Fest“.

mid90s (Blu-ray + Digital)

After directing some music videos and writing TV, Jonah Hill makes the jump to feature filmmaking with mid90s. The movie saw its domestic release in October and will be released in some European countries starting in February. The positively-received movie made an estimated $64,539 in each of the four theaters it was released on opening weekend, which is the 78th largest amount in history. But, the movie expanded into over 1,000 theaters the following weekend and placed in tenth with $2.9 million. It ended up with just $7.3 million.

The Blu-ray comes with a commentary from Hill and cinematographer Christopher Blauvelt as well as three minutes of deleted scenes.


Castle Rock: The Complete First Season (4K + Blu-ray + Digital, Blu-ray + Digital)

This horror anthology series started airing on Hulu in July. Critics were positive towards the show, which tells a new story using characters and settings from pre-existing Stephen King material. The announcement of the show being renewed for season two came just 20 days after the first episodes were aired.

The Blu-ray comes with two new features and an “Inside the Episode” for every episode. All of the “Inside the Episode” features can be found on YouTube.

The Purge: Season One (Blu-ray)

The four Purge movies have grossed a total of $450 million at the box office on a combined $35 million production budget. The latest movie was released on July 4 and became the highest-grossing movie of the series worldwide. Now, the franchise makes its jump to TV. This past September, The Purge began airing on USA. Just ahead of the season one finale, the show was renewed for season two. Long live the purge.

The Blu-ray comes with deleted scenes and a variety of featurettes.


8MM (Blu-ray)

This Nicolas Cage thriller was directed by Joel Schumacher, and was the director’s follow-up to the cartoonish Batman & Robin. The filmmaker did a complete 180 with Roger Ebert saying, “It is a very hard R that would doubtless have been NC-17 if it had come from an indie instead of a big studio with clout. But it is a real film.” Even with many negative reviews, the movie found an audience of $36.6 million domestically and $59.9 million from other territories for $96.6 million total. Not too shabby on a $40 million budget.

The Blu-ray contains a new 21-minute interview with Schumacher, a previously-released audio commentary with Schumacher, five minutes of press material, an incorrectly-formatted trailer, TV spots and a photo gallery of on-set photos and promotional pictures.


When Harry Met Sally… (Blu-ray)

The romantic comedy classic When Harry Met Sally… first made its Blu-ray debut in 2011. There was over an hour of bonus content and a perfectly fine video and audio presentation, at least according to this review. Now, a “new 4K restoration of the film from the original camera negative” is here. While unfortunately not on a 4K disc, it’s still welcome.

A new bonus feature entitled “Scenes from a Friendship – interview with Rob Reiner and Billy Crystal” will be on the disc, but there’s no other information on when it was recorded or how long it is. The rest of the features are “Vintage Featurettes” that don’t go into too much detail. Some of the ones that are detailed include a documentary (presumably the 33-minute one from the last release), two commentaries and deleted scenes.

Next week sees the release of the two Halloween movies of 2018, Halloween and Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, and a Christmas movie, Once Upon a Deadpool. On top of that, there’s the new Robert Redford thriller The Old Man & the Gun, the Sylvester Stallone 90s action movie Cliffhanger on 4K and a new restoration of Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious.

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Box Office and release day source: Box Office Mojo

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